Let There Be Hope


Blessed is the man . . . . . whose hope the Lord is.   

Jer. 17:7


Our time of worship this past Sunday focused on the word "Hope", that which we cling to each day of our lives both in good times and in bad.  There is so much in the Christian's present circumstances and in the world in which we live to give distress.  The injustices, the suffering, but most of all the neglect and rejection of God by many, and the ignorance of Him by the millions who have never heard, that the servant of God  could easily be depressed.  It is in these present circumstances that hope has its great ministry, as God works through our prayer life, He brightens the day and lifts up our spirit which is cast down.


But hope is not just an optimistic outlook, it is a Christian grace and is based on certain stable facts.  First of all it rests on the nature of God; it believes that He is fundamentally good and wise and all that He does is for the best.  (Rom. 8:28)  This means taking a long view point and looking ahead to the final consummation.  For that, the Christian has the promises, those of the judgment of the wicked and the blessing of the godly, promises of a creation all subdued under the Lordship of Christ, and a home in heaven where there is nothing unclean. 


Thus hope rests on God's character and promises.  The believer makes the Lord His trust and finds His hope in Him.  So as one fixes his mind on the Lord, his heart is not unduly moved with passing events and human failures as he is unashamed because of his expectations of better days.  The Lord encourages us to hope in Him by promising a future glory and has confirmed His word with an oath so that our confidence in Him and His complete Sovereignty remains strong and unshaken.  Jesus has died and has risen again; He sits at God's right hand till all His foes submit, and hope rejoices in the prospects.


Our Hope is in the Lord who gave Himself for me,

And paid the price of all my sin at Calvary.

No merit of my own His anger to suppress,

My only hope is found in Jesus righteousness.